Waverunner is a symmetrical client/server RPC tool

securely advertises and executes arbitrary remote python modules

server-side code:

create a script (let’s call it batch-script.py) that looks like this:

import numpy
import fancyInstrumentControl
from waverunner import SecureMethod

def get_measurement(stimulus):
    return fancyInstrumentControl.pass(stimulus)

then run waverunner:

$ python -m waverunner \
     --srv-path /path/to/batch-script.py \
     --notify 123.345.543.2
     --password mybestfriendsgirlfriendisamediocresong
found batch-script.get_measurement
serving at 142.555.432.1
sending notifications to 123.345.543.2

waverunner will now serve ‘batch-script.get_measurement()’ and advertise to any waverunner that might be running at 123.345.543.2

client-side code:

from waverunner import Server

server = Server(

request = (
    np.stack([np.random.randn(100) for i in range(100)]),
result = server.external_request('http://142.555.432.1', *request)
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